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It's going to leave a wound, but you'll eventually heal. There's no good way, but some ways are better than others.2. If you want to end the relationship, tell him face to face. No post-it notes on the refrigerator for him to find when he comes home to an empty house. (The only exception to this rule is if you suspect he may become violent.) Don't be ambiguous. Too many women don't want to hurt their man's feelings or try to soften the blow, so they wrap the discussion up in vagaries. This may be in your home, but your home can dilute the importance of what you're saying. Steer clear of restaurants, because if it turns into an ugly scene, no one needs to see it. You guys didn't work, but hopefully he can learn from his mistakes and succeed with someone new. You're leaving him because he never does anything for you, he doesn't pull his weight, he's inconsiderate of your feelings, he's unsupportive of your career, he demeans you in public, etc. This isn't so you can be vindictive, but as I've said before, guys aren't mind readers. Now, this isn't an excuse, but if he isn't aware he should know. Breaking up is bad enough; it doesn't need an element of revenge. That's easier said than done, but if you take a methodical and reasoned approach to breaking up with him, it's harder for a war of words to break out. Look at what you used to have between the two of you and what you've got now.Make a list of where you two have gone off the rails.It beats questions like, “What’s your favorite color?” In the scheme of things, questions like that don’t matter.

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